Over 1,000 FB Likes

A while back I created a Facebook page called 8: The Untold Story. I ran an ad and was thrilled to see my Page Likes climb up past 1,000. Truth be told, however, the Likes didn’t translate into book sales at all. That said, I have recently minimized the daily cost of the ad and kept it running. I do see the benefit of a few marketing dollars spent just to spread the word – and I do like being able to boast the 4-digit Likes number. (Update: 1,184!)

Get Penny for Free: Last Day Today

I’m conducting a free promotion for The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny through 3/6. For Kindle and Kindle apps only. Hundreds have downloaded the 7,200-word book, and for a bit yesterday, it climbed as high as #887 on the Kindle free books ranking list.

I have no idea if that’s any good – but after its first sale, the book was like #250,000. (A lot of books out there.)